A First For Everything: Andy and Cheryl - Same Day Edit

Same Day Edits are like running a marathon. At first, you can't fathom how or why you decided to do this, in the first place. And while the editing process is happening, you will constantly ask yourself how you're going to finish it. However, once the export button is hit a wave of relief and euphoria sweeps over you and it takes a minute to absorb the fact that you actually got it done.

This wedding was a big one, for many reasons. First, it was our first video gig as Stills and Motion Media Co. and it was Madison's first time venturing into the world of video. We've always worked together with photo. So much so, that we have our process down, to a routine. However, it was a whole new ball game and she rose to the occasion, like no other.

It also helped that it was one of the most beautiful days in Toronto and it was held in the historic Distillary District at the gorgeous Fermenting Cellar. Andy and Cheryl were absolute sweethearts the whole day and kept calm, despite the grandioseness of their wedding day.

Congratulations, Andy and Cheryl, and we can't wait to hear about your next life adventure!

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